DynPro Virtualization Services

Make your computing environment as stable as possible with DynPro’s end to end virtualization solutions.

Many companies that are running large SAP data centers are looking to reduce their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). DynPro’s team of both SAP and VMware consultants will work with you to migrate your physical infrastructure to a virtual one. Cost reduction can be achieved through fewer physical servers needed to run multiple instances of SAP as well as lower energy bills due to less power and less cooling requirements. In addition, we can leverage VMware technologies such as High Availability and Fault Tolerance to ensure that your applications are running without any downtime. We also provide backup solutions so that in the event of a disaster, your virtual environment can be restored in a matter of minutes instead of hours or days.

Our Services Include:

  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Resource planning and data-center design
  • Physical to Virtual Migration
  • Testing & Quality Assurance
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Support

Today, in many leading organizations, virtualization has become the standard solution for servers, network appliances and often user desktop environments.

DynPro can help you gain the same advantages. Our virtualization engineers can provide solutions built around many different technologies that will provide for centralized resources to be shared; giving your business a robust, secure and cost effective computing platform for all your users.

DynPro works with market leading solutions from VMware or Microsoft. These DynPro partners can enable your organization to drastically lower operating costs, improve server functionality and address failover/recovery options. By working with companies like VMware and Microsoft, your software will always be up to date and security patches will be quickly addressed to keep your operating environment secure.

DynPro’s Step By Step Virtualization Strategy
  • We’ll Assess how your organization can benefit from the implementation of various virtualization technologies and suggest an envornment and infrastructure that is best suited to your business’s needs.
  • We’ll Develop a plan for the deployment of appropriate virtualization solutions within your organization. Our timeline and executive strategy will be executed by our top virtualization engineers.
  • We’ll Implement your business’s server, appliance or user desktop virtualization technologies as appropriate for your organization. Your networking and IT administrators will be trained to keep the network and virtualization environment at peak operating states. Your end-users will be trained on how to use and manage their individual operating environment.
  • We’ll offer to combine your virtualization solution with our managed services in order to manage the health and operation of your virtualization environment to provide your users with the best possible experience, allowing them to efficiently perform their job functions.
  • Our virtualization solutions can be deployed for your organization on your premise, in a co-located scenario.

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