DynPro Application Management Services

Any IT Professional knows that your software applications and IT systems are critical to your business’s competitive advantage. When everything is running at peak efficiency, they can greatly improve the cost and quality of service you are offering to your clients. As with any business, your core focus should be on achieving strategic goals, rather than fine-tuning IT. That’s where DynPro can help.

DynPro’s Application Management Services help you manage your applications and offerings software so you can focus on growing your business and increasing customers and client satisfaction. Our Application Management Services team works across all commercial applications. DynPro and its web services engineers can host and manage your applications from our in-house network or remotely manage applications that reside within your premises.

Application Management Solutions

DynPro offers the following services for inclusive management of your TriZetto applications, as well as supplemental services for specific situations:

  • Application Hosting and Infrastructure Services – We can take the work and worry from owning, managing and maintaining hardware and software off your shoulders, providing a complete set of solutions from Application management to Third-party management and everything in between.
  • Remote Application Management – Even if you don’t want your applications hosted by DynPro, we can still manage them for you. Increase your staff’s efficiency and leverage our expertise by offloading management tasks to DynPro.
  • Disaster Recovery – Help neutralize the overwhelming negatives of an unforeseen disaster by being prepared and having DynProon your recovery team.
  • On-Demand Environments – Mitigate risk and avoid disruption by using an On-Demand environment mirroring your production environment to model changes, upgrades, and other activities before you commit.

To operate successfully today, companies need applications that are precisely tailored to the jobs to be done, and for that applications have to be managed efficiently. DynPro has managed a wide range of business-critical and highly visible applications running 24X7, with minimal system downtime for maintenance. We have operated more than 500 business-to-business sites globally with an annual transaction volume of more than $20 billion. We use proprietary Project Management Methodology, which has been field tested and proven effective. Clients have saved 35% or more compared to the cost of using internal resources. Using our services, your business can experience efficient management solutions, without having to hire, train, or re-train internal IT staff.

The future of a business can depend on having the right applications and ensuring that they are properly managed. Whether it is assistance to staff, co-management, or complete administration of applications, DynPro has the expertise and experience to provide customized flexible, integrated, and streamlined applications management.

DynPro Offerings

  • Design, develop, and implement client/server based systems/applications
  • Enhance existing legacy systems
  • Conceptualize, develop, and deploy Internet and Intranet sites
  • Modify/develop database front-end and back-end access
  • Procedural and object-oriented technologies-based development
  • Functional and unit testing
  • WebSphere, Java, Microsoft development Tools and Platform

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