DynPro Pharma CRM Solution

Installed on your site, hosted by your hosting company, or offered as software as a service (SaaS), only DynPro PharmaCRM puts such flexibility in your control.

Pharmaceutical companies’ focuses on enrichment the lifetime for customers, a good customer relationship management plays a main role in the company success.

DynProCRM Pharma Edition 2.0 is a specialized industry vertically built by DynPro to support the needs of both offices based and travelling pharmaceutical product sales representatives as they promote and support the sales cycle. DynPro’s CRM software solution covers many of the customer-related processes that are part of daily business for the pharma industries.

Our Cloud CRM Pharma software solutions includes best-in-class industry-specific functionality and embedded pharmaceutical best practices. It’s no accident that 80% of our new clients come to ask because they were recommendation by an existing client.

Streamline The Relationships With Your Customers

PharmaCRM was built to replicate the result of Siebel Life Sciences at half the cost. The new application has added multiple features this year making the DynProCRM Box application a version 2.0. DynPro hopes that this application could be used for many different industries, to ensure other industries great success. The Influence Matrix module, which was made originally for PharmaCRM by DynPro is a new innovative dynamic that could be used for many industries. It’s “spider web” graph shows the relationship between contacts and who influences whom.

As a hosted or on-site solution DynProCRM Pharma Edition 2.0 provides field sales people full access to the information they need to promote and sell to the healthcare industry. With tools such as, Microsoft Outlook Integration, Samples Management, Sales Order processing, and disconnected mobile features industries field sales representatives are always prepared.

Across the pharmaceutical industry, sales forces are facing decreasing face time with physicians, a wide range of competing products and a steadily increasing supply of other representatives fighting for position with doctors. DynProCRM: Pharma Edition meets these challenges with a robust, yet user-friendly CRM solution.

DynProCRM: Pharma Edition was designed specifically for the challenges of the pharmaceutical sales industry, and is engineered for maximum effectiveness with minimal hassle. With its innovative features, DynProCRM: Pharma Edition improves closed-loop marketing, pinpoints key opinion leaders and equips sales reps with the knowledge necessary to pinpoint and impact decision makers.

DynPro Pharma CRM Key Features

  • Awareness Module tracks product awareness among physicians
  • Samples Management monitors sample distribution and use
  • Influence Matrix identifies Key Opinion Leaders
  • Travel Planner improves travel time and territory management
  • User-friendly interface encourages implementation
  • Detailed physician profiling tracks physician preferences and tendencies

Among DynPro’s Pharma CRM mission-critical features are the Influence Matrix and the Awareness Module. These modules enable representatives to identify Key Opinion Leaders among their target audience and track their awareness of and knowledge about the products on the market. Sales personnel using the Influence Matrix might identify which physicians in a group direct the buying habits and interests of the other physicians in their group. Armed with that information, reps can then identify which products those doctors are most familiar with, and which drugs they are most likely to prescribe.

Travel Planner

DynProCRM Pharma Edition uses DynPro’s innovative Travel Planner module to improve efficiency in traveling from one sales call to the next. Powered by Google Maps, Travel Planner maps the most expeditious route to any valid address contained in Contacts.

  • Shorten Travel Times
  • Adjust for Traffic Conditions
  • Add Travel Notes and Details
  • Use Accurate Contact Information To Travel Smarter
  • Meet More Clients With Google Maps Integration

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