DynPro Open Source Solutions

Too much data? Too many sources? Too many files? Too time-consuming to organize? Too difficult for your employees to access information? DynPro has simple cost effective collaboration solutions using systems and processes for employees to share information in a secure and efficient way.

For a growing business, it’s required to ensure that there is collaboration among people and data within an organization. This is especially important today more so than ever before, because of the growing communication needs and changing trends. Employees need easy access to your business information, tools to share data, and a secure medium to utilize your business content from anywhere to function productively in the market.

Alfresco – Document Management and Enterprise Content Management

alfresco (1)Alfresco is the leading open source alternative for Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Alfresco Enterprise Content Management encompasses the best innovation from the open source community, with tested and certified technology for use in most trusted environments – from the Fortune 500 to enterprises of all sizes. The open source model allows Alfresco to use best-of-breed open source technologies and contributions from the open source community, to build higher quality software more quickly, at a much lower cost. Alfresco not only drives open innovation, but most importantly keeps up to its goal of surpassing commercial ECM offerings in terms of features, functionality and benefits to the user community.

DynPro’s Solutions Team allows businesses to manage their growing information volumes by leveraging Alfresco’s Enterprise Content Management system’s outstanding performance and scalability.

DynPro’s experienced team can offer organizations expert consulting and implantation services and solutions. DynPro’s best-in-breed content management software allows businesses to leverages their growing need for enterprise-class content strategies that matters to you.

Zimbra Unified Collaboration Solutions

Increase productivity with a complete set of collaboration tools while maintaining total control over your company’s security and privacy.

  • Stay connected with business-class email, shared calendaring, file sharing, and tasks.
  • Protect your most valuable communications and gain security and privacy peace-of-mind with Zimbra Collaboration’s security standards and open source transparency.
  • Easily manage your company’s devices with Zimbra Collaboration, including tools to set mobile security policies such as device wipe, PINs, and device-management features on user accounts.
  • Extend collaboration beyond email with open APIs and Zimlets, which enable you to easily connect to other applications (including CRM from Salesforce and unified communications).


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