DynPro CRM Solutions

Exceed your customers expectations, expedite your lead sharing abilities, and improve your business communication with prospects – all using a single source. Working with DynPro, your organization can efficiently implement an effective CRM solution that will meet your business’s needs for years to come. DynPro can also management and upgrade CRM modules to ensure that your system is always running efficiently and securely.

DynPro’s CRM Solutions Can Help

  • Integrate your data resources
  • Guide you in generating reports and preparing analyses
  • Assist you during product or service launch
  • Support your marketing, sales, and service activities
  • Counsel you about process modeling to requirements analysis
  • Upgrade your process environment

At DynPro, we do not have a single solution for every client. We offer a range of CRM solutions that will fit your budget and organization structure. We conduct an end-to-end investigation of your business and develop an effective CRM foundation strategy that will align with your business drivers and surpass your customer expectations.

DynPro and SugarCRM

One of the most cost effective means to enter the CRM space is through implementing SugarCRM. With the OS edition the software can be obtained free of charge and deployed within your organization on either MS Windows or Linux platforms. SugarCRM delivers all the basics in customer data retention, opportunity management and campaign delivery. Integration is available to existing infrastructure such as email. Basic reporting of business metrics is also provided.  With SugarCRM Pro and Enterprise license subscriptions you can improve on SugarCRM OS with the addition of extra functionality. SugarCRM is rapidly gaining territory in the CRM marketplace and is well worth consideration.

DynProCRM Pharma Edition

We offer a specialized industry vertical to support the needs of both office based and traveling pharmaceutical product sales representatives as they promote and support the sales cycle. As a hosted or on-site solution, DynProCRM Pharma Edition provides field sales people full access to the information they need to promote and sell to the Healthcare industry with tools such as disconnected use, Microsoft Outlook Integration, sample management and sales order processing your field sales reps are always prepared.

Additional DynPro Offerings

DynPro can help your organization design and impliment a custom CRM system. We are an authorized provider of Oracle Siebel and Microsoft Dynamics.

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