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join usWhere can your career have the greatest impact on the world? At DynPro we believe that our company is continuously on the leading edge in the hottest technology areas like cloud computing, data security, biometrics, and mobility solutions. In a place where individuals take personal responsibility for their assignments and challenges, DynPro provides you with a highly collaborative culture to motivate you and help you excel in your area of expertise. With an organization that will help you grow and advance, enhancing your career at every turn, rest assured the DynPro will be right next to your to ensure your happiness and confidence.

At DynPro, you will not only work with market-leading organizations, but you will also become a part of a dedicated team that delivers some of the most robust solutions to its most demanding customers. Our jobs extend across each of our operating regions and offers you the chance to work with large commercial and governmental clients on projects that really make a different. Here at DynPro, you will be involved in providing extensive solutions and solving the most complex problems facing today’s business world, while gaining new knowledge, skills and career-enhancing experience, and earning excellent financial rewards along the way.

Our Vision For Our Employees

DynPro provides a portfolio of IT solutions in the form of services, software, and technology that solves problems for clients all over the world. We help secure customer operations, increase the efficiency and utilization of their data centers, enhance their support functions, and modernize their enterprise applications. DynPro believes in ensuring customer satisfaction by using a rigorous and vetted client management system that aims to ensure each client’s needs are met and that the services provides to each client exceed the client’s expectations.

DynPro’s Gloabl Reach

Operating in three different locations and countries around that world, we are a fast-paced organization that serves some of the communities largest and most prestigious businesses and governments. Our clients have no room for error without compromising their reputation, their balance sheet and, in some cases, the safety and security of their employees and citizens, so it is DynPro’s job to do the job right, the first time. Our clients consistently give us top ratings in service, performance, innovation, and account relationships.

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Meet Our Team

Mike Kallam

Mike Kallam

VP of Business Development for Staffing Services

With over 25 years of experience in the IT Staffing & Services industry I can truly say that DynPro is one of the most professional and focused companies I have had the pleasure to work with.
It is exciting being part of a team with an extensive depth of Technical knowledge in products such as SAP, SharePoint and BI along with many newer emerging technologies. I can be confident that our DynPro team will work with me to provide our current and prospective clients with the best possible solution to meet their Business and Technical objectives.
Contact me to discuss how DynPro can help your company with the day to day support of your current Application Systems or with an implementation of new technologies.

Aishwarya Ramani

Aishwarya Ramani

Accounts Manager

I joined the Dynpro team as a fresh Masters’ graduate. I would have to say, I learned and am learning something new every single day. Sanjay and Dhruv have mentored me and seen me grow in my career. It is a pleasure working with all the departments across the company. I am a proud member of the Dynpro team.

Aishwarya works to ensure that clients always have a point of contact in DynPro. When working with clients, Aishwarya continues to develop relationships so that DynPro can always increase their understanding of their clients needs and technical requirements.

Lata Gaur

Lata Gaur

Human Resources Manager

It has been a while that I joined DynPro, and it has been a pleasure to work with my team mates. Every day it is a different challenge; I have learned a lot through these challenges at DynPro, and there’s always an opportunity to learn more.

Lata ensures that contractors ad employees are performing their jobs at maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Lata‘’s understanding of IT and the importance of keeping both clients and employees happy works so that the relationship between DynPro’s employees and its clients always remains honest, transparent, and effective.

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